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Ramey High School

Discussion in 'Ramey High School' started by Mike, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Mike Administrator

  2. Kevin New Member


    Hi Mike,
    I was at Ramey AFB from 1970 thru 1973. I attended grades 8 thru 10 spending my last year in the new high school. Fred Rea had a great site on the Ramey Alumni that included many many email addresses but his site went down and he had intentions of starting another site. Last year I emailed him and he said he still has intentions but I still can't find much out there. Ramey was a great place to be and I miss it very much. If I find anything else I'll be sure to post, Kevin Garland;)
  3. blnc2007 New Member

    The Best Ramey AFB High School Class Site

    This is for Mike and Kevin. Go to, click on Puerto Rico then Aguadilla. It's a free site and you'll find your old classmates are planning a Ramey Reunion in Oct. 2009 in Destin, FL.

  4. RWOODS New Member

    Hello Mike,
    The Best specific site for Ramey Alumni is: We have been gathering Ramey High School (RHS) Alumni on this site consistently for the last 12 months. We now have 500+ Rameyites on that site, that are actively participating and communicating with Ramey Alumni activities. As a matter of fact, We have an All Classes Reunion set to be held in Destin, Florida in October, actual dates are Oct 22nd-25th,2009. All information concerning this Reunion can be viewed on the RHS 1968 Class home page on The RHS 1968 Class is the Reunion Host Class. At the present time we have taken deposits from 220 Rameyites to attend. is the most active site of Ramey Alumni of all social networking sites. I am a Co-Coordinator of the Ramey High School "ALLCLASSBLAST" DESTINation 2009 Reunion. Anyone that is interested in attending the Reunion or to be active in Ramey High School Alumni affairs, go to RHS 1968 Class page at: Now you know where the Rameyites are. Come join in!!!
    Kindest Regards,
  5. RWOODS New Member

    This is RWOODS, I will be getting use to you format as I experiment with same. We have a very large group of Ramey Alumni that are actively coming together as never before. I was at Ramey from 1966-1968 and I have spearheaded this gathering of Rameyites. The last year has been an incredible time locating and bringing this Great Group of Ramey Alums together. We have exceeded all of our expectations and we are thrilled every time we locate a classmate. We have found families, teachers, coaches, military and all combinations of people whom shared Life experiences at Ramey High School in Puerto Rico. This experience at Ramey was a special time for all of us and we are now taking a walk together down Memory Lane, a truly phenominal experience. Most of us have not seen or even spoken to one another in over 35-40 years. You could bottle the excitement that is now being felt. Let the presses roll and let everyone know that the "Spirit of Ramey" lives on. All you Rameyites come get with the program, we are having a Grand Time. GO BOMBERS!!!!! Find the Rameyites at:
    Ramey High School - Class of 1968

    My Best to All Rameyites,
  6. RWOODS New Member

    Hello Kevin,
    If anyone would like to know where the action is currently happening with the Rameyites it is at the Alumni site named Fred Rhea, Glenn Greenwood, Randy Grottke, and several other Rameyites lead the way with Alumni activities in past years, they all did an incredible job keeping the Spirit of Ramey intact. Their services to Ramey Alumni should and will be never forgotten. Anyone wanting to participate in Rameyite Alumni activities and communications today, just needs to visit Ramey High School - Class Reunion Websites . Reunions, communications, contact information, bios, photos, it is all there. So are most of the Ramey Alumni. Come check it out for yourself. Regards, RWOODS RHS Class of 1968
  7. Mike Administrator

    I've updated the base post.

  8. RWOODS New Member

    Ramey High School lives on...........


    Thank you for your cooperation and posting the Ramey Alumni site.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Woods RHS Class of 1968
  9. pferrari New Member

    looking for friends

    My name is Pat Brown Ferrari. I attended RHS from 1959-62, grades 8, 9 and 10. I didn't graduate from RHS, and I left in 1962 headed for Burkburnett, TX where I graduated in 1964. But I am so excited that I found this website as I have often thought about the many friends I had while at Ramey, and wondered where they all might be and how they are doing. I knew Skip Layton and Joanne - Joanne was a good friend, along with George Rogers, Linda Taylor, Barbara Foster and so many others. Would love to hear from anyone who might remember me.
  10. Randy New Member

    Pat Brown

    I remember some wonderful times with you, JoAnne, Bill Torres and me..........Randy Grottke. Hope you are doing well. Bill and I have always wondered what became of you. Hope you chk this site again. and will reply.
    Email me at Randy

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