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FOUND Soooo happy!

Discussion in 'Finding Alumni -- Success Stories & Methods/Tools' started by Phoebs77, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Phoebs77 New Member

    Just want to say that I found Brent and Trinity - YAY!!! Thanks to anyone who may have seen this message and looked for a moment or checked out a yearbook just to see. I know I’ve had those moments.
    Mike, thank you for all your help on this. With your additional questions and ideas, it helped me to believe that it wasn't impossible.
    I’m so grateful to be in the position to say "I found them!" I know not everyone gets that chance when they’re looking for people from their past, especially military brats. Good luck to those still searching...locating them does happen :)

    I basically left an internet trail everywhere - myspace, facebook, here, guestbook,, military-brats, and an alumni page for Balboa.

    Facebook is what made it happen....I put a message up on several different groups they have for military brats. There was one group in particular for Gateway Gardens/Rhein-Main. I posted my message a few months ago, an old friend of Brent's sister saw it two weeks ago, and got ahold of Trinity on facebook. Trinity immediately got ahold of me, and I additionally friend requested Brent from her page.

    I feel like its Christmas. I looked off and on for years, but decided in February that I wasn't "going off" and it was going to be a constant, must find deal. I had moments of, "What if I can't find them?", but I didn't let that deter me, not this time. I didn't give up, and I'm so glad I didn't. Putting an internet trail out there worked for me. I figure, put up enough messages, and either them or someone who knows them will see it.

    If you really want to find someone...don't give up. It happens!
    :D :p

  2. Susan Shea Melander New Member

    It does happen

    It does happen!!!! I found a friend (actually she found me) from our stay in Germany in the early 1950's. We lived in Oberammergau and went to the American School in Garmisch for first, second, and third grade. We found each other through Facebook. We hadn't had any contact since my family left Germany in 1952!!!!!!!!!

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