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Vilseck American High School

Discussion in 'Vilseck American High School' started by Mike, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Mike Administrator

    I could not find any web sites for Vilseck alumni. If you attended the Vilseck American High School (or related elementary and middle schools), please register and leave a message introducing yourself.
  2. Janet2005 New Member


    I'm Janet. I went to Vilseck American High School from 2003-2005 (when I graduated). I was Salutatorian of my class. Since then I've been on the move still. I don't go to college (I'm against it actually) and I'm about to find a job. What I mostly do is art, computer art to be specific (on Photoshop). I'm sure you know that its hard making friends and then having to leave them, so I don't really get out much. But anyway, I ran across this on google so, here I am. Oh, if you have myspace theres a whole group dedicated to the people who went to Vilseck, just in case you didn't know. :)
  3. Mike Administrator

    Welcome to OverseasBrats.NET and thank you for participating, Janet2005.

    MySpace and Facebook communities generally don't show up in Google and other search engines. That's a good reminder, however -- the major social networking sites should always be checked when you're trying to round up your alumni.

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