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Lets get the ball rolling here

Discussion in 'London Central High School' started by Red mccarthy, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Red mccarthy New Member

    hey first one posting damn either I'm a geek or its like 1130 and the pubs shut, got home and decided to check my mail! I'll leave it to you to decide! love to find anyone from LCHS that was there 1978-80 I was in the class of '80 and have a lot of good memories from Wycombe, the teachers; Mrs. Lee, Mr. Smith, Mr. Higgins and of course every ones favourite councillor Doc Wank. Got in touch with a few from the other site but would love to find a couple more from back in the day. I never made it out of the U.K. and enjoy life over here so going to LCHS really did affect me!
    look forward to reading the posts.....

  2. Mike Administrator

    Welcome to OverseasBrats.NET, and thank you for participating.


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