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Discussion in 'Oslo American School' started by Mike, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Mike Administrator

    Years for which we have no information:

    We have neither yearbooks nor directories for the following school years. Please contact me if you can provide copies for these years:

    1959-1960 and earlier

    1966-67 (excepting the "yearbook" with photos but no names :( )

    1975-76 (misplaced, searching!)





    As best I can determine, formal yearbooks started in the 1969-70 school year. For the 1966-67 school years, a yearbooks consisted of student photos was printed on an office calculator. Tom Larner gave me his copy. Unfortunately, no name were printed with the pictures. :( I've been in touch with a couple others who also have that yearbook, but alas they, too, neglected to write in the names.

    1966-67 (pending -- not yet scanned, I know I have a copy somewhere, no names with the pictures, unfortunately)

    1975-76 Yearbook (misplaced, hopefully I can find it)

    1978-79 Yearbook (pending -- not yet scanned)

    1979-80 Yearbook (Missing -- Do you have one?)

    1980-81 Yearbook (pending -- not yet scanned)

    1981-82 Yearbook (pending -- not yet scanned)

    1983-84 Yearbook (pending -- not yet scanned)

    1984-85 Yearbook (pending -- not yet scanned)

    1985-86 Yearbook (pending -- not yet scanned)

    1986-87 Yearbook (pending -- not yet scanned)

    1987-88 Yearbook (pending -- not yet scanned)

    1988-89 Yearbook (pending -- not yet scanned)

    1989-90 Yearbook (pending -- not yet scanned)

    1990-91 Yearbook (Missing -- Do you have one?)

    1991-92 Yearbook (Missing -- Do you have one?)

    1992-93 Yearbook (Missing -- Do you have one?)

    1993-94 Yearbook (Missing -- Do you have one?)


    For directories, I haven't really tried to assemble a complete collection, but I'll take what I can get. In the early years, the directories were distributed to the parents (at least to those who were military or embassy personnel) but not to the teachers for "security" reasons.

    1960-61 Directory (pending -- not yet scanned, birth dates must be removed for posting)

    1992-93 Directory (scanned, must remove birth dates before posting)

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