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Books Headquarters Allied Forces Northern Europe 1951-1994

Discussion in 'Oslo American School' started by Mike, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Mike Administrator

    The book is very rare. During our tour of the Kolsås base & bunker in 2002, our hosts gave this to me & indicated that it was their only copy.

    I've searched for this a number of times on the internet to no avail, until now. There is a copy for sale at AbeBooks (UK), will ship to U.S., for 20 GBP + postage:

    The copy at AbeBooks appears to have a fancier cover than ours.

    If you miss out on this copy, just do an occasional Google search for ISBN 8277870019.

    Below, as I scan them, I will post the entire book article by article:

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