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Gone through changes?

Discussion in 'London Central High School' started by Grady Hopkins, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Grady Hopkins New Member

    :eek: this is what I look like after nearly 30 years of abuse. London Central was great. I wish I respected it as much then. If you were there in 80 you probably remember me as the guy your parents told you to stay away from. I guess I changed a bit since then but it has been about three life times to get me change. Well I didn't turn out to be the man I wanted to be, But I am pretty certain I turned out to be the man I am supposed to be. What have you been up to for the last 30 years?
  2. Mike Administrator

    Welcome to OverseasBrats.NET, and thank you for participating.

  3. DonnaM New Member

    Hello there

    My time at LCHS is the source of some of my fondest memories. I still maintain that it is a good thing my dad got transferred back to the states in December. I'm fairly certain I would have gotten kicked out had I been there longer.
    Oh the life of a 7 day dormie... Good times!

    I was in choir and wrote some really bad poems in creative writing that got put into the Albion (or whatever that little publication was called... I still have one of those somewhere....) didn't really care about much other than that. I ordered (and paid for) an annual but I never got it, which made me a sad panda. I'm ever grateful to Laurie Crofoot for scanning hers and posting the pics online so I can show people now what I looked like back in the day. Because, and you know this is true, people like to laugh at those of us who really wore those 70's clothes....

    Hello to you other LCHS-ers. If you remember me I'll be impressed because, while I'm remembering some names, I can't really put them together with any faces... LOL!
  4. Mike Administrator

    And to DonnaM as well -- welcome to OverseasBrats.NET, and thank you for participating!
  5. laurie New Member

    Aw thanks, Donna; was my pleasure. :)

    What's really frightening is that we are back to wearing those 70's clothes again!!

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