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Garmisch American School

Discussion in 'Garmisch American School' started by Mike, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Mike Administrator

    I could not find any web sites for Garmisch alumni. If you attended the Garmisch American School, please register and leave a message introducing yourself.
  2. OgauKid New Member


    Well there is a Yahoo group for past GAJHS students. And Mr. Sibitzky is a member.
  3. Scooter New Member


    OMG ... I had to do a paper in his class about the perfect country. I remember it clearly because he wrote on it that I was a "mediocre" student. I didn't even know what that meant then! My country was Utopia. Boring, but I got a 'B'.

    Bill Carrington
  4. OgauKid New Member

  5. Scooter New Member

    Also O'gau

    We were there at the same time. I went to Munich the last year I was there. We lived in the last apartment building on the right as you where heading over to the pool. The Warehams lived right above us. My father was good friends with the Sigmunds. The first year I was there my brothers, sister and I all went to the local German school in town.
  6. OgauKid New Member


    OH boy...I knew it sounded familiar....have I got a website for you...
    ogaukids : O'gau Kids
    This is a group I started 3 years ago after I reconnected with some of my friends from Ogau on the Garmisch site....
    Please join, I think you will be pleased...lots of pics to bring back memories..
  7. Murnau_Jon New Member

    Murnau and Garmisch

    I arrived in Murnau just after Christmas in 1955, and took the bus to Garmisch, finally leaving in June 1959 after 6th grade.
    I loved that time. Sitting in class watching big fluffy snow falling was like living inside of a snow globe. The school grounds in the 50's were not secured, and in addition to traditional steel playground equipment of steel slide and swings, we also played a game called rock tag. At the back of the playground were trees and boulders; the boulders formed a large ring, and whoever was it would chase the others around the rocks. If you fell off a rock, or got tagged, you were it. I sure wish I had that energy today.

    The school had grades 1-8 while I was there, and a basketball team, the Red Rockets. Little league play started in Murnau while I was there, and we played games with Garmisch, Fussen, O'gau and perhaps Bad Tolz, where we sometimes went to use the swimming pool.
  8. cbear New Member

    Just found this site! We were stationed at O'Gau from February '67 'til October '69 and I went to Garmisch Jr High.
    I've been trying to track down some of the old gang.

    Chuck George

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