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Frankfurt American High class of 81

Discussion in 'Frankfurt American High School' started by bittymartin81, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. bittymartin81 New Member

    I'm looking for long lost friends and party buds, I was at FAHS from 78 to 81, and At Rhein Main AFB from 70 to 82, My name is Bitty Martin, so if you remember me, or were there during those times write me at
  2. Steve.Dean New Member


    I think Dennis B., who is registered on this site, herds the group from the late 70s and early 80s. Good luck.
  3. Mike Administrator

    Welcome to OverseasBrats.Net.

    FHS has several web sites (linked here) and an active alumni group.

    You'll often find large numbers of them at Joe Condrill's triennial Homecomings for overseas brats. Unfortunately, we just had the most recent one last weekend, so the next one probably won't happen until August, 2013. If past history is any predictor, Joe will announce the dates & place sometime this fall. Joe also sponsors smaller gatherings & workshops throughout the year. More information on all these events is at: Overseas Brats


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